Volunteering For Oakland (VFO) a 501(C)3 non-profit, is a dynamic all-volunteer group formed in 2009 with the goal of taking Action with projects, events and programs serving our community as a whole.  Based on our volunteers expressed interest in addressing greater Oakland’s needs, VFO has worked toward improving Education, Healthcare, the Urban Environment, and Voter Registration.

We don’t “re-invent the wheel” – VFO innovates with new projects and adds value by partnering with non-partisan groups, local social service agencies, and focused governmental programs. Our initiatives are shaped by input to and from our board members, all long-time Oakland residents.  In our actions, we are supported by a variety of donors and work with community oriented participants.  We are currently focusing on Dictionary Day.  Our projects, past and present, include the following:

Dictionary Day

(2012 – ongoing)

Volunteering For Oakland became involved with The Dictionary Day Project in January 2012. The project entails distributing dictionaries published by The National Dictionary Project to third grade students in Oakland Public Elementary schools. In giving dictionaries to the students, VFO volunteers spend thirty to thirty-five minutes in each classroom doing interactive activities with the students. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, VFO continually distributed more than 2,000 dictionaries each year to at least 30 OUSD schools. As schools transitioned back to classroom learning in the 2022-2023 academic year, 29 schools received 1,711 dictionaries for their third grade students.  Our volunteers were thrilled to be back in the classroom and delighted at the welcoming reception of principals, teachers and third graders.  VFO is determined to attain pre-pandemic distribution levels. 


(2013 – 2016)

Volunteering For Oakland hosted events to help residents enroll for affordable healthcare coverage under the 2010 Affordable Care Act.   During the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 open enrollment periods, we helped over 1,000 get coverage.  We were a Community Outreach Network Partner with Covered CA and worked with the Alameda County Social Services for Medi-Cal enrollment.

Volunteer Fair

(2009 – 2017)

We have held Volunteer Fairs annually since 2009. During those years we have introduced nearly 400 potential volunteers to the agencies that work with Oakland children and their families with a wide range of services, from tutoring to theatre, to family engagement.  We have had very positive responses from the organizations that train and support the volunteers as well as from the volunteers themselves. Our contacts within this community have encouraged volunteerism beyond our scope, serving other needs in Oakland.

See agencies that have participated in prior volunteer fairs
American Lung Association
Be A Mentor
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Books for Wider Horizons
Boost! West Oakland
Brothers on the Rise
CASA, County of Alameda
Chabot Space and Science
Chilrens Fairyland
Citizen Schools
Civicorps Schools
Coaching Corps
Community Ed. Partnership
Community Read Buddies
Dictionary Day, VFO
Circle of Care, EBAC http://www.ebac/programs/circle
EBay Childrens Theater
East Bay College Fund
East Oakland Boxing
Edventure More
Experience Corps
Faith Network of EB
Family Engagement OUSD
Kinship Support Services Program
Oakland Literacy Coalition
Oakland Rotary Kinder Prep
Oakland Serves
OreMi Mentoring Program
OUSD Family Literacy
Reading Partners
Super Stars Literacy

Oakland Unified School District Registration

(2010 – 2015)

The weeks before school begins can be hectic for a family new to the school district. VFO volunteers have assisted the district with the school enrollment process.

Voter Registration

(2016 – 2018)

Since 2016, in partnership with the League of Women Voter, hundreds of residents were registered at festivals, supermarkets, clinics, churches, schools, music events, and other public place.

Visit the League of Women Voters for more information.

Book Drive / Friends of Oakland Public School Libraries

(2010 – 2011)

At an Oakland Literacy Coalition Meeting several years ago, it was pointed out that one of the literacy issues many children faced was a lack of appropriate reading material in their homes. We held several book drives to try to help close this gap and a group of volunteers worked to refurbish unused libraries in the schools. VFO supported the goal of providing every OUSD student with access to a quality school library. This group is now known as Friends of Oakland Public School Libraries or FOPSL and has been awarded grants to continue its success.

Greening Oakland Homes Fairs and Workshops

(2009 – 2011)

From 2009 to 2011, our Greening Oakland Homes (GOH) group held Environmental Fairs in Oakland neighborhoods, bringing local residents together with Green contractors, suppliers and organizations to promote residential energy efficiency. GOH also partnered with the City of Oakland Office of Sustainability, and PG&E to present workshops on Green retrofits and home energy savings.

Oakland School Supply Drives

(2009 – 2010)

VFO’s predecessor group, Montclair Community Action Group, successfully carried out several annual school supply drives. MCAG gathered thousands of pens, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, highlighters, and other small supplies needed and used by students on a daily basis. Working with our distribution partner, Faith Network of the East Bay, we provided enough school supplies to have an impact.

Oakland Unified School District Recognition Event

(2011 – 2012)

VFO members helped district staff with this event in 2011 and 2012.