Voter Registration

We Plan to Gear-up for the 2018 Election!

Volunteering For Oakland (VFO) started a non-partisan voter registration drive in May 2016.  In June, the League of Women Voters requested our help on one of their registration events.  The partnership worked so well our two groups decided to hold joint voter registration activities this Fall.

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Voter Registration Program Targeting High School Seniors

To help staff one of the League’s very popular programs, VFO volunteers will help with a voting education/registration for high school seniors.  Volunteers from both groups will visit high school senior Government/Economics classes.  Half of the class is devoted to an interactive presentation designed to motivate the students so they will want to register and vote.   The remainder of the class is spent helping students complete the registration forms.  In order to vote, seniors must be at least 18 years old by Election Day.

If interested in voting outreach to high school seniors: CLICK HERE

Future Voter Registration

For 2018, registration locations will be discussed including: libraries, farmers’ markets, colleges, naturalization ceremonies, churches, BART stations, and senior centers.  Volunteers will be trained on voter registration.  Times and locations are selected based on volunteer availability.   If interested: CLICK HERE

For Self Voter Registration

To self-register to voter online, go to the Registrar of Voters site.
For answers about voter registration, go to FAQ in Alameda County.
To check your own voter registration status, go to Registration-status.

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